Why Should You Rent Instead of Buy A Bakkie?

Why Should You Rent Instead of Buy A Bakkie?

Should you buy or rent a bakkie? A bakkie can be useful if you need transport, but it may not be affordable if you don’t need it all the time. It could also be expensive to buy a new bakkie in South Africa if it’s not within your budget. Find out why you should consider renting a bakkie in this blog.

It’s Flexible

Whether you need a bakkie for home or work, a bakkie rental gives you more flexibility with your time and budget. You can use Bakkie hire services if you are moving house or moving to a new office without having to pay tons on hiring transportation and moving services. You also have the choice between renting different types of bakkies whenever you need them.

At Earn-A-Car you have the flexibility to choose between a range of reliable vehicles and rental options to suit your budget.

It’s Easily Customisable

A bakkie can be customised to suit any job you have for it. Transporting large items? You can add packing material or use a rope to tie down your belongings to the bakkie to ensure that it gets to your destination safely. Throwing out garden refuse? You can add a canopy to keep everything in place.

Depending on the rental service, you could also add a temporary sign to the bakkie to list your business details or services.

You Don’t Have To Invest In A Bakkie

Buying a new bakkie can be costly. You may find yourself taking out a loan from a bank that comes with yearly interest rates and complicated agreement terms. When you choose bakkies for hire, you can get access to a new or used bakkie without the commitment or cost of buying a new bakkie. You can hire a bakkie for as long as you need at affordable rates.

You Only Rent When You Need A Bakkie

Sometimes you may need extra transport for a small trip or a few days. It’s not feasible to buy a new bakkie that you will hardly use. Rental companies give you the option of paying for a bakkie only when you need it, which is the perfect option for those temporary jobs.

Whether you need a bakkie for a short trip or your business, Earn-A-Car has a simple and affordable bakkie rental process. We have a fleet of vehicles in excellent condition available for you to hire.

If you need to rent a bakkie, give our team a call today!