The Most Common Car Problems

The Most Common Car Problems

Like all things on earth, cars can have their bad days too. Here is a list of common car problems that you should not ignore. It may be best to save up for repairs if your car is experiencing any of these issues. 

Flat Tyre

A flat tyre occurs commonly after a puncture. It is sometimes unavoidable as tyres will eventually become flat with wear and tear as time goes on. Keep your tyres in good condition for longer by rotating your tyres regularly. You should be rotating tyres roughly every 8,000 kilometres or so. Check the vehicle’s manufacturer’s instructions for more detail. Don’t forget to check your spare tyre regularly too.

Dead Battery

It doesn’t matter if you have a Renault Sandero 900T or Ford Figo, a dead battery is going to be a common issue at some point. You could’ve accidentally left a light on or you could have a bad battery due to age. A jumper cable will help you to kick start your car but if you are still experiencing battery troubles it may be time to replace it. A battery should be replaced every 3-6 years. 

Engine Overheating

Engine trouble should never be ignored! Being able to detect engine issues early will help you to minimise costly repairs (and prevent serious accidents that may occur from engine failure). One of the biggest warning signs is a sputtering engine. Don’t wait until your check engine light comes. Take note of knocking noises or a burning smell coming from your engine. Most engine issues can be fixed but if you need to replace your engine, it will be costly.

Cracked Windscreen

A cracked windscreen is a safety issue but it shouldn’t be too expensive if you act fast. Even a small crack can quickly get bigger while you are driving and compromise your safety. The longer you leave a cracked windscreen the larger it will get and you will eventually have to replace the whole windscreen.

Worn Out Brakes

Brake pads can wear out with time. If you have trouble braking quickly or if your brakes make a squeaking noise, it’s best to take your car in for repairs ASAP. Driving with worn-out brakes is a safety hazard and it can cause more damage down the line. 

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