Rent to Own Cars for Blacklisted Individuals

Bank says no? We say yes!

Rent-To-Own Cars for Blacklisted Individuals

Sometimes buying a car just is not an option. Money is too tight and you can’t afford a lump sum. This is where Earn a Car can assist. As South Africa’s premium car suppliers, we supply rent-to-own cars with low deposit and no credit check. If you’re blacklisted, don’t worry. We supply rent-to-own cars for blacklisted people with low deposit. If money is tight and you’re looking for a great selection of vehicles to choose from, rent-to-own is the way forward.

Why Rent-To-Own?

A rent-to-own car is an easy way to get you back on the road and give you back your freedom and independence. In South Africa – cars are essential as the distances between places are large and public transport is unreliable. If your car breaks down or is involved in an accident and you need a new one, but financial problems mean you cannot buy one through a bank or pay for a car in cash, Earn a Car will let you rent-to-own without a credit check. Many institutions will not finance you if you have been blacklisted or cannot afford to pay a huge deposit – but at Earn a Car, we are different. We understand that after a slump you need assistance in getting back on your feet – and as such we are here to help you with our rent-to-own policies for blacklisted individuals.

How Does It Work?

If you are a blacklisted individual, banks will not finance you – and even worse, you cannot take out a loan. However at Earn a Car, you can get instant approval if you have the following:

  • A job or investments or anything of the like? Step 1 is bringing in your proof of income to secure the car you want.
  • There is an initiation fee. This is to cover the admin fee.
  • If you can meet a minimum monthly payment of R3 000 – R6 000 depending on the car you want, you are equipped to rent-to-own your new vehicle.
  • There are a few other simple requirements that you need to meet in order for your rent-to-own vehicle application to be successful, but if you’ve met the above three you should be in the green.

Earn a Car

Earn a Car is the easiest way to own a pre-owned vehicle. We understand that everyone has a story and most people hit slumps. With our rent-to-own cars for blacklisted people and low deposit required, we help you get back on your feet and give you back the freedom and independence you deserve. In the past 10 years, we at Earn a Car have helped 4 500 people rent-to-own a car through the rent-to-own process. Earn a Car can get you back on the road quickly, with low deposit or credit check. So, call us now on 080 327 6222email us or pop into our offices.