Long Term Car Rental

Long Term Car Rental

renting a car for a month or more?

Transport – or access to transport – is vital to the daily lives of every person on the planet. While options such as vehicle ownership and public transport are common in South Africa, there is another option: long term car rental.

Renting a car is a rather viable and affordable option for the South African market. With long term car rental, you can experience many of the great benefits of owning a vehicle but without any of the drawbacks such as depreciation or trade-in value. You are also able to more easily change your vehicle as your needs and budget change.

One of the great benefits of a cheap monthly car rental is the fact that you pay a lower daily rate than if you rented the same vehicle for a few days or a few weeks. In some instances, you can save almost 50% on your rental rate by renting for a month as opposed to renting for a couple of weeks and extending your rental.

Here are some more great benefits of a long term car rental:

  • You control your travelling time.
  • You are not dependent on another driver or public transport.
  • A rental vehicle is normally a low-mileage, newer-model vehicle.
  • Expenses such as maintenance are taken care of for you.

Earn A Car has very recently partnered with Pace Car Rental – the specialists in long term car rental and monthly car hire in South Africa.

In a day and age where value for money is important, we are confidently able to recommend Pace’s long term car rental offering. You, the customer, not only get access to a great range of vehicles but your rental includes Super Cover waivers (for added peace of mind) and 3 000 free km per month (which is plenty to get you from point A to point B).

Do not delay – call Pace Car Rental now and book your next long term car rental.