Take Two For One At Earn a Car

Take Two For One At Earn a Car

Do you have a two-car household? You can benefit from a two-for-one car deal! Buy smarter by getting two cars when you trade your car in at Earn a Car. We can find two cars that fall under the price of the car you trade-in. Read on to find out how it works.

How It Works

You need to trade in your car to take advantage of our two-for-one deal. Here’s how it works:

  • How does a trade-in work?

With the current economy and rising fuel costs, it may not be best to keep new conventional vehicles that cost you a lot. A trade-in is a good way to get money for your used car and to save some money on your new car. You simply visit the dealer who will assess your car and provide you with cost estimates. If you accept the offer, you can use the money as a downpayment for a new car. It is simpler, safer, and quicker than a private sale.

  • How does trading in two cars for one work?

A trade-in gets even better when you can trade your car in for two vehicles. You can receive two cars that are worth the base price of your current comprehensive model. A two-for-one trade can even help you to reduce your downpayment and lower monthly payments on your new vehicles. Trading in two cars works the same way as one. A dealer will assess the vehicle and provide you with the best vehicle value in return. It’s best to research the value of your vehicle and browse current price differences to get the best deals.

Trade In With Earn a Car

Affordability comes first at Earn a Car. We want you to get the best value for your money and we’ll help you quickly get the cash you deserve or a quality trade-in for your vehicle. Some of the comprehensive models we have include Toyota Etios, Suzuki Ignis, Suzuki Spresso, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Corolla Quest, and Nissan Micra.

Contact our team to trade in your vehicle or for an affordable two-for-one car deal!