Normally, most institutions will not provide vehicle finance for bad credit. Most major banks and car retailers will not let you buy a car with bad credit and no deposit. But at Earn-a-Car we see things differently. We know that when you hit a slump, you need to get back on the road and keep going. To this end, we facilitate in buying a car with bad credit.

Why Earn-a-Car

Whilst there are other institutions that accept bad credit for car finance, Earn-A-Car stands out among them.

  • Fixed Rental Payments
    Earn-a-Car settles on fixed rental payments. This allows you to budget monthly and not have price spikes sneak up on you.
  • No Hidden Costs
    At Earn-a-Car, there are no hidden costs. What we tell you about is what you will pay.
  • Terminate Your Rental Agreement
    If you find the deal is no longer working for you, at Earn-a-Car we allow you to terminate your rental agreement by giving a one month’s notice.
  • Money Back
    Part of the monthly rental is in cash. If your account is up to date, Earn-a-Car gives you this money back to spend on whatever you like.
  • Vehicle Maintenance
    Vehicle maintenance on your car is augmented by an amount from your monthly rental, which is kept aside specifically to keep your car running smoothly.
  • Peace Of Mind
    At Earn-a-Car, we want our customers to enjoy peace of mind.
    We offer:

    • Roadside assistance,
    • Vehicle tracking,
    • Comprehensive accident cover, and
    • A comprehensive vehicle warranty.

All of this, so that your mind can be focused on more important affairs.

How does it work?

Car finance for bad credit is not commonplace, but at Earn-a-Car, we will let you buy a car with bad credit. With Earn-A-Car, getting car finance with bad credit is guaranteed. All you need to do is present yourself and meet the following criteria:

  • Proof of payment is necessary for us to understand what car you can afford. Bring your payslip or any other documents that show your monthly income
  • Unfortunately, admin fees do exist. We pride ourselves on not charging a deposit, but these fees need to be covered. There is a minimum upfront fee of R16 500 which covers the admin fee.
  • The minimum monthly payment is R3 000 – If you can afford this your vehicle finance will be approved.
  • Should you meet these three requirements, any other pre-requisite will be covered without issue. Your vehicle finance should be approved same day.


Earn-a-Car is the easiest way to own a pre-owned vehicle. We understand that everyone has a history and most people hit rough patches. Even with your bad credit rating, we will allow you to finance a car through us, we help you get back on your feet and give you back the freedom and independence you deserve. In the past 10 years, and without a deposit or credit check, we at Earn-a-Car have helped 4 500 people to rent-to-own a car through the rent-to-own process. So, call us now on 080 327 6222, email us or pop into our offices.

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