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Rent-to-own a BRAND-NEW vehicle for 24 months

Backseat the stresses that come along with the financial burden of purchasing a brand-new vehicle. Rather cruise on a more relaxed route with Earn-a-Car’s easy rent-to-own solution, and you’ll get to the same place: behind the driver’s seat of a new vehicle. In addition, each one of our vehicles has tiered pricing for short term car rental. Contact us today, on long term car rental and find out about our various rental options for creditworthy, people under debt review or blacklisted individuals.

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 All you’ll need are the following: 

  • Proof of income, identification and a valid drivers license. 
  • The ability to pay the upfront admin fee 
  • The ability to afford the monthly payment fees of between R 6 000 and R10 000

An example of a NEW vehicle you can rent-to-own from us:

Polo vivo (2021)  |  Admin fee R 25 000 paid up front |   Monthly amount: R8 400 | 24 Month Period

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