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Rent-to-own a BRAND-NEW vehicle for 24 months

Backseat the stresses that come along with the financial burden of purchasing a brand-new vehicle. Rather cruise on a more relaxed route with Earn-a-Car’s easy rent-to-own solution, and you’ll get to the same place: behind the driver’s seat of a new vehicle. 

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 All you’ll need are the following: 

  • Proof of income, identification and a valid drivers license. 
  • The ability to pay the upfront admin fee 
  • The ability to afford the monthly payment fees of between R 6 000 and R10 000

An example of a NEW vehicle you can rent-to-own from us:

Polo vivo (2021)  |  Admin fee R 25 000 paid up front |   Monthly amount: R8 400 | 24 Month Period

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