How a Trade-in Will Help You to Save Fuel

How a Trade-in Will Help You to Save Fuel

The fuel price doesn’t seem to stop rising. Is it time to trade-in your mid-size or larger car for a smaller, fuel-efficient car? Here is how a trade-in can help you save fuel.

Why Trade-in to a Smaller Vehicle?

The heavier a vehicle is, the more fuel it will consume. Vehicles with a larger engine have a greater capacity for fuel and air and therefore require more energy. With the ongoing fuel price hike, keeping a large vehicle may not be best for your wallet. Smaller vehicles have a smaller capacity engine and are far less bulky than larger vehicles, which makes them a more fuel-efficient option for those looking to save cash.

Trade in your vehicle for a smaller vehicle to reduce the amount you pay for fuel in the long term. Some compact vehicles include the Suzuki Ignis, Suzuki Swift, and VW Polo.

Why Trade-in to a More Fuel-efficient Vehicle?

Considering a Toyota Prius Prime or a hybrid model? Although these cars can be expensive, they are naturally light on fuel, which means you’ll be making fewer trips to the petrol station. Hybrid vehicles use a battery pack and an electric motor to conserve more energy as you drive. Too costly for your budget? Other fuel-efficient options include Toyota Etios, Nissan Micra, Renault Sandero, and Renault Clio.

Other Options to Save Fuel

If a new car is costing you too much, you can simply sell your car to Earn-A-Car and buy a more fuel-efficient model. You can also downgrade your rent-to-own vehicle to a more cost-efficient model if you are feeling the pinch.

If you still find yourself having to budget, you can always try rent-to-own car options. We have thousands of rent-to-own vehicles and fuel-efficient cars you can choose from. Choose a car within your budget and save even more with our monthly cashback, which you can use towards fuel costs.

To sell and trade in your old car for a more fuel-efficient model, contact our team today!