Don’t let being blacklisted stop you from owning a vehicle

Don’t let being blacklisted stop you from owning a vehicle

Being blacklisted may be a an issue on your journey of getting a vehicle. 

To make the drive easier, Earn-a-Car offer a rent-to-own driving solution that eases the vehicle finance restrictions that blacklisted people face. 

We have a great selection of pre-owned vehicles for you to rent-to-own. As South Africa’s premium car suppliers, we supply affordable rent-to-own cars with no credit checks which makes our service perfect for people who are blacklisted, are under debt review or can’t get vehicle finance. 

If this sounds like you: Apply now for instant approval!

Who Should Choose Rent-to-Own

People who are blacklisted

If you have been blacklisted or have a less-than-appealing credit history, then a rent-to-buy car solution is ideal for you. We offer rent-to-own cars for blacklisted people which means your credit history will not affect your application or ability to get a vehicle from Earn-a-Car. What matters is your current financial situation and whether you can meet the minimal monthly requirements.

People who want flexibility

We offer cash back benefits that you can use towards purchasing your current vehicle or as a down payment for another vehicle. 

How Does It Work?

At Earn-a-Car, you can get instant approval if you have the following:

  1. Complete the Instant Approval form to ensure that you meet our criteria 
  2. If approved, we will contact you and arrange a time and date for you to visit Earn-a-Car
  3. When visiting Earn-a-Car you’ll need these:
    • Bring in your proof of income to secure the car you want.
    • There is a minimum initiation fee of R16 500. This is not a deposit as we pride ourselves on allowing rent-to-own cars with no deposit on blacklisted individuals. 
    • If you can meet a minimum monthly payment of R3 500 – R9 000 depending on the car you want, you are equipped to rent-to-own your vehicle.

Apply for a Rent-to-Buy car today to get the process started so that you can become a rent-to-buy car owner or call us now on 010 880 8258 to speak to us further about the rent-to-own model.