Rent a Bakkie for a Day if Yours Is Being Serviced

Rent a Bakkie for a Day if Yours Is Being Serviced

Is your bakkie being serviced?

Consider renting a bakkie for a day from Earn-A-Car!

Renting a car when your own car is being serviced can provide benefits such as continued mobility, flexibility, and convenience. It also allows you to avoid the added expense of a taxi or public transportation.

Here are some of the benefits of renting a bakkie from Earn-A-Car.

Renting a Bakkie at Earn-A-Car Is Affordable

Earn-a-Car offers a reliable bakkie rental service in Johannesburg — from only R500 per day!

Our daily bakkie rentals in Johannesburg, South Africa, make it easy and affordable for you to get things done. You can transport objects such as furniture, large appliances, or building supplies. Our Standard 1 Ton Mahindra Bakkie rental options are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, making it possible for you to complete all your personal and professional tasks.

You Can Hire a Bakkie for Many Reasons

Short-term rental is a cost-effective solution for meeting your transportation needs, whether you’re moving, going on vacation, or dealing with an unreliable personal vehicle. With our bakkie rental, you can avoid the long-term costs of vehicle ownership and have the flexibility to rent whenever you need to! Additionally, if you rely on your bakkie for your job, our reliable vehicles ensure that your ability to earn is not affected in case of a temporary breakdown of your own vehicle.

Our sister company Pace Car Rental can assist you with bakkie rental. Simply select the start and end date and time of your bakkie rental.

Not looking for a bakkie?
We also offer a wide range of other no-finance vehicles. With Earn-a-Car, you can rent-to-own your dream vehicle even if you have a low credit score or have been blacklisted.