What To Look For When Buying A Car For Your Teen

What To Look For When Buying A Car For Your Teen

Thinking of buying a car for your teen? If it’s something you can afford, buying the perfect car for your teen doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here are tips on what to look for when buying a car for your teen.

Don’t Go Too Expensive

A teen driver is not always the most responsible driver. They can be reckless drivers, so it’s best not to spend too much on a car. Even if your teen is a safe driver, remember, they are still learning how to drive and may brake too hard or shift incorrectly at times. Your car will likely need repairs in the future. If you are on a budget, try choosing affordable vehicles such as Toyota Etios, VW Polo, or Ford Figo. You can also try cost-effective rent-to-own vehicles.

Safety Features Of The Car

Your teen has a licence but even with great practice, you still want to know that they are safe. You need a reliable vehicle with the best safety features, such as anti-lock brakes. Look at the safety ratings of a vehicle before you purchase it. You may want to consider cars with advanced safety features such as the Suzuki S-Presso, Renault Sandero 900T, and Toyota Corolla Quest. Along with a safe car, make sure to reinforce good driving habits and promote safe driving with your teen.

Smartphone Connectivity

The biggest asset for a teen? Their smartphone! Getting a car with smartphone capability will not only make you the favourite parent but will also help your teen to easily request help during emergencies. You will also keep them from driving and texting, which is one of the leading causes of death in South Africa. Thankfully, a lot of affordable cars have smartphone connectivity these days, including the Suzuki Swift, Nissan Micra, and Renault Stepway.

Consider Insurance Costs

Apart from routine maintenance, you need to budget for insurance costs. Insurance premiums on cars for teens can be quite costly since they are prone to accidents and reckless behaviour. Insurance is critical, however, to protect yourself against unpredictable financial losses. Look for an insurance company that is within your price range.

With insurance costs, the ongoing costs involved in owning a vehicle, and the rising fuel prices in South Africa, buying a new car may be difficult. Why not try rent-to-own options with an affordable monthly payment plan? You pay what you can afford until you can own the vehicle.

Instead of buying a car, contact Earn-A-Car to rent to own a car for your teen!