If you are blacklisted and need a car, you will find most banks and car dealerships won’t give you vehicle finance. Cars for blacklisted individuals can be hard to find, but not at Earn-a-Car. At Earn-a-Car we provide vehicle finance for blacklisted clients. We understand that life sometimes gets you down. In order to get back on your feet, you need to be mobile, especially in South Africa. If you’re in a situation where you’re thinking “I need a car, but I am blacklisted”, then you need to get a hold of Earn-a-Car. Earn-a-Car lets you buy a car blacklisted and with no deposit.

How Do We Do It?

We manage to give vehicle finance to blacklisted people with no credit check. We have hundreds of cars for blacklisted clients. We are, in fact, so efficient that we give blacklisted vehicle finance same day approval. All you need to do is the following:

  • Proof Of Income
    In order to give you a vehicle finance option, we need to be sure you will be able to make the monthly payments. Bring you payslip or investment portfolio. We need a proof of income to understand your budget.
  • Upfront Payment
    At Earn-a-Car we don’t believe in deposits, and we won’t charge you one. However there is admin that needs to be done, and as such there is an upfront payment of a minimum of R16 500.
  • Minimum Monthly Payment
    The minimum monthly is in the region of R3 000-R6 000. If you can meet that monthly, you qualify for vehicle finance.
  • Simple Requirements
    There a are few other key requirements that need to be met, but these can be taken care of in the meeting. Get the above three right and you should be cleared for finance with no problems.

Why Earn-a-Car

If you need a car but are blacklisted, you don’t have as many options as you’d like. Luckily, Earn-a-Car is here for you. We provide cars for blacklisted people with no deposit. In addition, our service delivery is top-notch. If your deal isn’t working out for you, you can cancel it by giving a one-month notice.  Should you come into some unexpected money, and you want to buy the car you are driving earlier, that too is a possibility! In fact, your cash-back reward will be built into the price for you. At Earn-a-Car we never compromise on safety. All our vehicles are roadworthy and come with a warranty. All our monthly payments are done via debit order for your convenience.


Earn-a-Car is the easiest way to own a pre-owned vehicle. We understand that everyone has a history and most people hit rough patches. If you are blacklisted and need vehicle finance we are here to help. In the past 10 years, we at Earn-a-Car have helped:

  • 4 500 people who are blacklisted,
  • With a vehicle finance plan and
  • To get them a car quickly.

Earn-a-Car will get you back on the road quickly, with no credit check. So, call us now on 080 327 6222, email us or pop into our offices.

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blacklisted and need vehicle finance
blacklisted and need vehicle finance