Rent-to-Own Cars in Rustenburg

Rent to own cars

Rent-to-Own Cars in Rustenburg

Need a car in Rustenburg? Earn-A-Car provides a quality range of rent-to-own cars in Rustenburg for an affordable monthly rate. The catch? None. We are committed to providing our consumers with the freedom of choosing a monthly plan and car that they can afford.

If you need help getting behind the wheel of a car you can afford in Rustenburg, Earn-A-Car will provide a rent-to-own solution for you. We have a range of vehicles to choose from and a friendly service team to help you out.

How Rent to Own Works in Rustenburg

Spacious areas, beautiful attractions, and lively nightlife – Rustenburg residents have it all. Why stress over public transport or the costs involved with a car when you can choose rent-to-own options with an affordable monthly term period?

If you rent to own a car in Rustenburg, you will gain a car quickly as we don’t do credit checks or make you wait for bank approval. You will get to explore the “Platinum City” and its beautiful attractions such as Kgaswane Mountain Reserve, without worrying about the costs, time, and safety issues that come with public transport.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out our form – it is available online without any bank documents or credit checks needed.
  • Provide us with your proof of employment, ID, and driver’s licence. No other forms are needed as we even provide cars for blacklisted in Rustenburg.
  • If you are approved, we will contact you within 24 hours. No lengthy waiting time.
  • Choose a pre-owned or new car that you can afford with our fixed monthly rate.
  • We have a small admin fee that you can also choose from. Our admin fees are much lower than down payments made for new or used cars at dealerships.
  • Once you arrange a time to pick your car up, you are on the road!

Benefits of Rent-to-Own Cars Rustenburg

Benefits of Rent To Own Cars Rustenburg
Why should you rent to own a car in Rustenburg with Earn-A-Car? Here are some reasons that make Earn-A-Car a winner:

  • Apply online within minutes with our seamless instant approval process
  • Choose a car that you can afford and trade down to another car if you can’t afford it anymore
  • Cancel your contract if you wish within a month’s notice. We understand that life happens.
  • Vehicle tracking and roadside assistance included in the monthly fee
  • Friendly service team
  • 1000 cars for you to choose from
  • Vehicle finance plans to suit your budget
  • No hidden costs
  • R300 monthly rental cash may be paid back to you if your account is up to date
  • Earn-a-car will provide you with a loan vehicle if you meet in an accident while your vehicle is being repaired

Do You Need a Car Today in Rustenburg?

Rustenburg is a beautiful area. If you need a car immediately, rent-to-own is the best choice you can make to get on the road.

Why stress over the costs of a car or your credit rating when you can receive your car without any of the hassles today? Drive off with an affordable new or used car in Rustenburg stress-free with Earn-A-Car. With our rent-to-own solutions, you can own a vehicle as quickly as you like. Our rental period can be up to 54 months, but if you can afford it sooner, you can buy off your car. You can trade up or trade down depending on your financial situation.