Rent-to-Own Cars in Pretoria

Rent to own cars

Rent-to-Own Cars in Pretoria

We understand the cost of living in Pretoria can sometimes be high. You could be in debt from paying off student loans, home loans, or you could be still trying to work your way up the corporate ladder. If you need a car today, there are limited options available to you without a loan or good credit history. No matter what your financial situation is, Earn-A-Car can help you out by giving you access to a vehicle to make life a little easier.

When you choose a rent-to-own car in Pretoria, you get access to a range of pre-owned or new vehicles to choose from. You can make affordable monthly payments towards the renting of this vehicle. The process is quick and easy.

How Rent to Own Works in Pretoria

Here is how you rent-to-own cars in Pretoria:

  • Fill out our application form. It is available online or you can give us a call for more information
  • If we approve your application, we will call you and set up a time for you to view a vehicle
  • All you need is your proof of income, identification document or passport, and a valid driver’s licence.
  • Pay the initiation fee.
  • Choose between monthly payment fees of between R6 000 and R10 000
  • Once your process has been completed and you choose a car, you are ready for the road
  • Keep making your monthly payments or (in the rare case that you change your mind) let us know if we should cancel your agreement. Don’t worry – this won’t affect your credit rating as we don’t use your credit history.

Benefits of Rent-to-Own Cars Pretoria

  • No background checks or credit history is needed. We understand that your credit history does not define you
  • Easy and simple online process – we can help you out if you have any issues applying
  • You get to choose the monthly payment fees according to your budget
  • You pay for what you get – we have no hidden fees or rising interest rates
  • You can get a brand new vehicle within 24 months
  • Customer services teams are always on standby to help
  • We cover roadside assistance should your vehicle break down and a vehicle tracker – we understand that Pretoria is not always the safest place to be

Do You Need a Car Today in Pretoria?

Do you need a vehicle as soon as possible? Rent-to-own solutions make life and owning a vehicle a little easier.  If you need a car today and don’t have the costly upfront fees or credit needed, rent-to-own cars in Pretoria is the best financial choice you can make. You can choose from 1000s of vehicles, new or preowned, and be on the road within 24 hours. Don’t wait until you can afford a brand new vehicle from a dealer.