Rent-to-Own Cars in Polokwane

Rent to own cars

Rent-to-Own Cars in Polokwane

Rent-to-own cars in Polokwane quickly and easily with Earn-A-Car. If you can’t afford to buy a new vehicle or you do not have the credit history for vehicle finance, rent-to-own is a simple, affordable, and convenient solution. Earn-A-Car provides you with a fixed monthly rental period when you choose to rent-to-own a car. You receive the choice to rent-to-own a pre-owned or new vehicle with no hidden costs. In addition to affordable fees, we don’t do a credit check. Get back on the road quickly with Earn-A-Car rent-to-own solutions!

How Rent to Own Works in Polokwane

Looking for a vehicle and applying for our finance options is simple..and you can do everything online. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Apply on our website. You need a valid ID, driver’s licence, and proof of employment – no credit check needed. We just need to know that you will pay your monthly installment.
  • Set up a plan that works for you. If we approve your application, we will call you to set up a plan that works for you. You can choose between our affordable car finance options available. Our payments are made through a debit order that is set up when you sign up with us. Payments are made monthly. You need to make your monthly payments to ensure your account is in good standing.
  • Choose an owned or preowned car. Our deals and cars are flexible, meaning you can be in your car in your own time or you can cancel the agreement within a month’s notice if you change your mind.
  • Pay an affordable admin fee/down payment. You have to pay an affordable once-off admin fee. No need to stress – the fee is from as little as R25,000. You also get rewarded for each monthly payment you make. What this means for you is that for every successful payment you make, you’ll receive at least R300 cashback. You can use this at the end of your contract to make up for the admin fee, buy your vehicle or use the cash for the down payment of a new vehicle… the choices are endless.
  • Enjoy your new vehicle. Enjoy your pre-owned or new car and the adventures you can take without having to worry about the costs and risks associated with public transport anymore.


Benefits of Rent-to-Own Cars Polokwane

Why should you rent-to-own a car in Polokwane with Earn-A-Car? Here are a few benefits of using our rent-to-own solutions:

  • Fixed monthly rental payment. Fixed once-off admin fee. No hidden costs or fees.
  • You can terminate the rental agreement with one month’s notice or trade your vehicle in for a cheaper option if needed.
  • If you keep your account up-to-date, you get part of the monthly rental back in cash
  • Comprehensive accident cover and vehicle tracking
  • Comprehensive vehicle warranty cover to give you peace of mind
  • Vehicle breakdown and roadside assistance
  • A friendly and courteous service team available to assist you when needed

Do You Need a Car Today in Polokwane?

Never wait for public transport or worry about how to get to your destination again. Get a car in Polokwane fast with Earn-A-Car. Our rent-to-own options will help you to secure your new or pre-owned car faster than traditional car financial methods.

In addition to our quick service, we always strive to provide good customer service and our friendly team will assist you should you have any issues with the rent-to-own process.