Rent-to-Own Cars in Johannesburg

Rent to own cars

Rent-to-Own Cars in Johannesburg

Are you looking for rent-to-own cars in Johannesburg? Earn a Car can help you to get your wheels in no time. We provide reliable rent-to-own cars in Johannesburg. With over 13 years of professional service, we are the most trusted supplier of rent-to-own vehicles. When you choose our services, you receive only the best customer service and reliability.

How Rent to Own Works in Johannesburg

Buying a car firsthand or even secondhand is not an easy process. Sometimes life (and bills!) get in the way. There are also the stresses involved with getting finance from a bank for a vehicle. Some residents in Johannesburg struggle with this as the cost of living can be quite high, or they are still paying off debts and loans.

Earn a Car understands that every person’s financial situation is unique – this is why we choose to help people to obtain a vehicle. We do this by providing rent-to-own cars for blacklisted Johannesburg residents or for those who simply cannot afford a vehicle right now.

You can hire out one of your new or preowned vehicles for a short-term period or enter into our rent-to-own agreements. We don’t stress about your car loans or vehicle finance and we don’t need bank approval to loan out our cars or bakkies.

The process is simple:

  • Choose a vehicle to rent to own. We have over 1 000 cars for you to choose from.
  • Choose a vehicle finance plan that suits your budget
  • Complete an online instant approval form
  • We will contact you and finalise any information that we need
  • If all goes well, you will receive your car within 24 hours

Benefits of Rent-to-Own Cars Johannesburg

Here’s why you should use our rent to own car service in Johannesburg:

  • With over 1000 vehicles to choose from, you have your pick from a variety of cars and models
  • Our application process is available online and is quick and seamless. We do online approvals and speedy feedback so you can get back on the road quickly
  • You can hire one of our bakkies or vehicles for a short-term period or enter into our rent-to-own agreements – choose between a new or pre-owned vehicle
  • No credit history or check is needed. Your financial history does not affect our approval.
  • No hidden costs – we believe in transparency and honesty
  • If you change your mind, you can terminate your rental agreement at only one month’s notice (although this rarely ever happens due to our good service!)
  • Vehicle warranty and vehicle tracking are included in our service
  • We offer comprehensive accident cover, help with a vehicle breakdown, and roadside assistance
  • We also buy cars in Johannesburg and have bakkies for sale in Johannesburg so you can buy and sell vehicles after completing the process if required.

Do You Need a Car Today in Johannesburg?

Earning a car in Johannesburg has never been easier with Earn a Car. Just simply fill out our form, and you will be on the road in no time. After your payments are up, the car is yours and you can get your car even faster if you do payments upfront – the choice is yours.