Rent-to-Own Cars in Boksburg

Rent to own cars

Rent-to-Own Cars in Boksburg

Rent to own a car in Boksburg today with Earn-A-Car. We provide affordable rent-to-own cars in Boksburg, new and pre-owned car finance plans, and service excellence. Don’t stress over your credit history and eliminate the lengthy application process that comes with car finance and loans. Earn-A-Car gets you and your family back on the road quickly, without having to empty your wallets.

How Rent to Own Works in Boksburg

Boksburg is beautiful but public transport is not always the safest or most reliable. Owning a car is not easy or affordable in this economy. If you do not have the down payment for finance or you are blacklisted or have a bad credit history, it is almost impossible to get a car. Here is where Earn-a-Car comes in with rent-to-own cars in Boksburg and cars for blacklisted Boksburg residents. We do not do credit checks and our fees are as low as R5,000 per month. You don’t need any more stress in your life when finances are a problem, and this is why Earn-A-Car makes owning a car easier. We aim to get you on the road within 24 hours of approval.

Earn-a-Car has an easy rent-to-own solution. Each one of our vehicles comes with a monthly fixed pricing for short-term car rental. We have various rental options for creditworthy, people under debt review, or blacklisted individuals.

Here is how our process works:

  • Submit your application online. We have an easy online application process but should you require assistance, you can give us a call and we can assist you
  • Have your proof of income, identification, and a valid driver’s licence. No credit checks needed
  • We will call you to discuss a plan that suits your budget. You should have the ability to pay the upfront admin fee.
  • Choose a monthly payment fee of between R 6 000 and R10 000
    Choose from our range of preowned or new vehicles
  • Drive in your new or preowned vehicle
  • You can rent your car for 54 months, but depending on your financial situation you can take ownership of your car sooner. If you experience financial difficulties during your rental period, you call us to trade to a car that is within your price range.

Benefits of Rent-to-Own Cars Boksburg

  • Fixed rental payment. No hidden costs are involved – you get what you pay for.
  • You can easily terminate your rental agreement should your financial circumstances change – this is done within a one month’s notice
  • If your account is up-to-date, you may be able to receive part of your monthly rent back at the end of your payment term
  • Road assistance and vehicle tracking services are included in your monthly rental
  • You receive comprehensive accident cover
  • We provide a comprehensive vehicle warranty
  • Our application process is easy and available online
  • You can speak to our friendly team who will help you should you have problems or questions during the rental process

Do You Need a Car Today in Boksburg?

If you need a car in Boksburg, the quickest way to get on the road is through our rental plans. Apart from our affordable fees, for every successful monthly payment you make, you’ll receive at least R300 cashback. You can use this at the end of your contract term to buy the vehicle or a new car, pay for petrol or save up for service on your car – or just to spoil yourself.

Don’t stress yourself out with public transport, blacklistings, bad credit, or a low budget – choose from our rental plans to rent to own a car in Boksburg, and enjoy a new or pre-owned vehicle from Earn-A-Car today.