Rent to own a vehicle from Earn-a-Car

Need to get back on the road?

Rent to own a vehicle from Earn-a-Car

The process of obtaining a new car can often be a cumbersome one. You may be experiencing the frustration of struggling to meet the requirements for a vehicle finance loan or perhaps you are just tired of the seemingly endless amounts of paperwork, time, and energy that go with acquiring a car through vehicle finance companies. The process for a rent to own car, however, could not be any easier or simpler. 

The secret to the simplicity that Earn-a-Car offer lies in our quick application process. 

In fact, just 3 steps is all it takes to find yourself the owner of a rent-to-buy car.

Our Rent to Own a car process

  1. Fill out our instant online approval form and answer a few basic questions. 
  2. The form is assessed by one of our qualified team members and once approved we’ll contact you to finalise the deal.  
  3. Visit Earn-a-Car with the following standard documentation:
  • An Upfront admin fee plus first month’s pro-rata rental
  • Proof of income
  • South African citizenship
  • Proof of identification
  • Valid Driver’s License

Why Rent to Own

We know that after hitting a curb in life, you want to get back on your feet and even more so behind the wheel of your own affordable vehicle and as such we are here to help you with our rent-to-own model. The model is built to counter the need to get in-house car finance from an institution by rather offering the flexibility that comes with renting a car that you can eventually own.