If you’re living in South Africa and you are one of the many people listed on the ITC blacklist, you will be relieved to know that you can get vehicle finance in South Africa if you are blacklisted.

If your finances are looking bad, being blacklisted can be a terrible hurdle because it often rules out the ability to apply for loans or purchases anything on credit. You may have been unemployed for a period, or had unforeseen expenses that drained your savings. Whatever the cause, getting into bad debt that causes you to be blacklisted can make getting a car almost impossible.

You may have already applied for vehicle finance a few times, only to be rejected each time.

How to get vehicle finance in South Africa

If you need a car and you are blacklisted, you should contact a car dealer that does not perform credit checks. If you fulfil some basic criteria, you can be driving a car of your won in 24 short hours. Provided you do not have a criminal record, you have a minimum up-front payment of roughly R15 000 and are able to make monthly payments of at least R2 500, Earn-a-car can help you finance a vehicle even if you are blacklisted.

All you need to do is provide us with a valid driver’s licence, proof of your ID, three months of original bank statements, a recent payslip or proof of income and your proff of residency and we can help you finance a car today.

Earn-a-car is a car dealership that does not perform credit checks. We specialize in helping people that are blacklisted get financing for their own car.

Take back financial control of your life. You can get vehicle finance in South Africa even though you are blacklisted if you apply through Earn-a-car. Contact us today and you could be driving your own car tomorrow.