Christmas time is the perfect time to treat yourself or someone else to a new car, but what if you are blacklisted? You can buy a second hand car that is in excellent condition this festive season with the help of Earn-a-Car and Father Christmas, of course, even if you are blacklisted or low on funds. It can be tough to face the festive season with low funds and rejected new vehicle finance applications, but with the assistance of the right second hand car dealership, you can turn that situation around.

Before we delve into what you need in order to make the application for your second hand car vehicle finance, let’s take a look at why used cars are a great option for blacklisted individuals:

  • The cost of the vehicle will be less than that of a new vehicle which means you can expect lower monthly instalments.
  • Due to a lower vehicle value, your monthly insurance premiums will also be.
  • Vehicles of up to 3 years old are still sound investments, especially if the service and maintenance plan is up to date.
  • In some instances you can have your used vehicle financed with a cash back option that can be used to spoil yourself or to spruce up your new car.
  • Extended warranties can be arranged on second hand vehicles.

Apply for Vehicle Finance for a Used Car at Earn-a-Car

At Earn-a-Car, we can assist you to obtain vehicle finance for a second hand car even if you are blacklisted. You will need to meet with our basic requirements which include being employed (and providing proof) and having no prior history or outstanding amounts with Earn-a-Car. In addition to this you will need to provide supporting documentation such as a copy of your ID, proof of address and your last 3 months bank statements.

To apply for vehicle finance for your second hand car this Christmas, contact us at Earn-a-Car today.