Washing your car on a regular basis will help to ensure its longevity. Whether you have a rent-to-buy vehicle or you have already paid off your car, here are three reasons why you should take it to the car wash at least once a month. 

It will Save You Money in the Long Term

Other than looking neat and tidy, a regular wash will help protect the value of your car by minimising potential damage caused by dirt and dust scratching on your car’s paint work. It also removes pollen, tree sap where experts strongly recommend that you wash your car at least once a week, or soon after driving on a dirt road. 

It is more Comfortable 

There is nothing quite like approaching your car when it is clean, and when getting into your car, enjoying a fresh pleasant smell. A dirty, cluttered car tends to increase stress levels. Maximise the comfort of being in your car by washing it  regularly and taking the time to throw away rubbish such as empty cooldrink bottles, food wrappers and till slips. Remove items of clothing and clear your boot of any unnecessary goods that could increase the weight of the vehicle. You will be amazed at how much difference it can make!

Minimise the Effects of Natural Elements 

If your car is parked outdoors during the day or at night, washing it regularly and taking it for a protective wax treatment will minimise the potential damage caused by the sun and rain. 

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