Getting a rent-to-own vehicle finance from a reputable company such as Earn-a-Car is a good option than buying a used car privately. Buying a car is a big expense and given that Earn-a-Car is affiliated to the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI) and work in partnership with companies such as Avis Fleet and Matrix – you know you are dealing with a credible company.

Risks of buying a used car privately

There are various risks to buying a used car privately and car scams are always a possibility. If you are considering to buy a used car privately, you need to take the following personal safety precautions:

  • Never meet the seller in a quiet or deserted location,
  • never carry large amounts of cash with you,
  • have someone accompany you when meeting the seller,
  • let other people know where and when you will be meeting the seller
  • Take the car for a full assessment to the AA.

What can Earn-a-Car offer you?

Earn-a-Car has been in business for over nine years and has helped more than five thousand people get access to affordable vehicle finance with no hidden terms and conditions. Even if you are blacklisted, you can get vehicle finance from Earn-a-Car on the following terms: 

  • If you have proof of income,
  • you can make a minimum upfront payment of approximately R 16,500 (for admin fee),
  • you can make a monthly payment starting from R4,500, 
  • meet the simple requirements set by Earn-a-Car. 

You have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from when you select the rent-to-own vehicle finance option. Excellent vehicle finance plans to suit your budget are also offered, allowing you to be back on the road in record time.  

Earn-a-Car provides easy vehicle finance even if you are blacklisted or have a low credit score. This means that your credit history will not affect your rent-to-buy vehicle finance application. Contact us today for a quality rent-to-own vehicle.