Rent-to-own car financing is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. In this blog post, we discuss a few reasons why:

More affordable

A new car is considerably more expensive than a pre-owned car and depreciates considerably within the first two years. More often than not, the monthly repayment amount that you will owe to the rent-to-own car company will be considerably less than a car payment.

No bank interest rates

Generally, the interest rate for vehicle finance is significantly higher than that of a home loan. If you opt-in for a rent-to-own car finance plan with Earn-a-Car, your monthly repayment will not increase if the South African interest rate increases.

Shorter terms

A bank will often penalise you if you are in a great financial position and decide to pay your car off earlier than the agreed contract period. At Earn-a-Car, you can select your own terms without being penalised, with a contract period of between 24 to 54 months.

No new lines of debt

With a rent-to-own car finance plan, you won’t be incurring another line of debt. You are simply renting the car until you own it. If you opt for a new or used car that needs to be financed through a bank, you will be adding a new line of debt to your name.

Easier application and approval

Many people who have been blacklisted or have a poor credit rating,  struggle to get a loan for a car from finance companies and registered credit providers. With a rent-to-own car finance plan, because you are renting the car and paying the monthly rental fee in advance, Earn-a-Car will not consider your credit history. All we need to know is that you earn a monthly income and are able to  pay for your car each month.

Simpler ownership process

With a rent-to-own car finance plan, you don’t own the vehicle, you are simply renting it. This means that there is a lot less paperwork and if you do meet the minimum requirements, you will be on the road within two hours, if you rent-a-car from Earn-a-Car.   

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