Getting the lowest car finance deals from January to December, may vary as far as prices go. Make sure you get the best deal at the right time.

Vehicle finance companies in South Africa are used to dealing with clients who are searching for the lowest deals possible, even when they are blacklisted. If you have bad credit, it is best to do research when getting great car finance deals:

  • January is one of the hotter months of the year in South Africa – Demand for four-wheel-drive vehicles usually peaks during colder months due to cooler weather, thus giving you better deals when it becomes hotter.
  • Quiet months – December and January are usually quieter months for the used car trade. Cars are not top priority around the holiday season so car dealers will be more willing to sell vehicles at lowers prices in order to make more sales.
  • Fridays in January – Showrooms are quieter during the week as most people are at their day jobs. Car dealers will be eager to make their weekly sales targets and are more likely to drop the price a little in order to get the sale.
  • At the end of each year – particularly the end of June and December, dealers may be eager to hit their sales targets and more likely to offer you a good deal before the prices increase.

Getting the best car finance deals at Earn-a-car

With Earn-a-car, your monthly payment includes a number of value added services. From accident cover to a warranty plan and breakdown support, you have complete peace of mind when hitting the road.

  1. A minimum of R300 cash back to earn your car or spoil yourself.
  2. Accident management and support.
  3. A minimum of R250 towards servicing costs.
  4. A courtesy car in the event of an accident (where this option is selected).
  5. Comprehensive vehicle warranty over the entire rental period.
  6. Vehicle breakdown assistance.
  7. Towing subsidy of R500 with a nationally contracted tow company.
  8. Matrix vehicle tracking and immobilisation.
  9. We provide comprehensive accident cover for any genuine accident you report.

Contact us today for the best vehicle finance deals, even when you are blacklisted.