According to the AA’s website, there are over half a million unroadworthy cars on South Africa’s roads. Not only is it a crime to drive an unroadworthy vehicle, but it could put your life and other people’s lives at risk.

Every new or used car sold in the country must pass a roadworthy test before it can be registered and licensed in the new owner’s name. This is what is checked during the roadworthy inspection:

  • Bodywork

The body of the car must be free of any rust or damage that could put people on the road (such as pedestrians and cyclists) at risk.

  • Doors

The doors must be able to open and close firmly. The handle on the doors needs to be firmly attached. The inside panels of the doors are also checked.

  • Windscreen

The windscreen of your car has to be free of cracks and have at least one properly working windscreen wiper.

  • Windows

All the windows need to be able to open and close.

  • Lights

The fixtures over the lights need to be firmly fitted so that water and moisture cannot seep in. All the indicators, brake lights and lights will be checked.

  • Tyres

The tyres need to be at least 1.6 mm deep. The spare tyre will also be checked and the tyre size must adhere to the car manufacturer’s specifications.

When you invest in a rent-to-buy vehicle from Earn-a-Car, all of the above vehicle checks are completed by qualified vehicle service technicians.  For additional safety, we put your car through the AA roadworthy test, saving you time and effort and giving you additional peace of mind. Contact us for more information today.