Being blacklisted comes with a wide range of consequences. While people generally hate the fact they’ve been blacklisted, it should be a point of comfort to know that in South Africa, you’re not alone.

Many people get a bad credit rating due to unforeseen circumstances. Even though they have made amends and are in the process of rebuilding their credit rating, it can come as a shock to learn they can’t obtain new lines of credit. It can be even more shocking to learn that while they need a car in order to make money (and repay their creditors), the bank won’t give them a loan for a car.

The good news is you don’t need vehicle financing. You can earn your own car thanks to one-of-a-kind vehicle financing options that Earn-A-Car offers.

Here’s how:

  1. Select the car of your choice from our wide range of great deals.
  2. For every monthly payment you make, you earn R300 cash back, which you can use at the end of your contract to buy the car of your choice or spend the cash as you wish.
  3. We credit your upfront fee against the purchase of the car from us.
  4. We guarantee that the upfront payments along with your cash back, when used together, will enable you to take ownership of the car you chose in as little as three and a half years (the term and pricing is laid out in your contract with us).

Our solution is ideal for people who have obtained a bad credit rating and struggle to get vehicle financing through traditional channels such as banks and loan providers. If you meet our minimum criteria, then you can choose the car you want from our wide range of vehicles and drive it off our premises the same day. Contact us for more information today.