Many people are intimidated by the prospect of purchasing a new or used vehicle because of the stringent credit requirements and other barriers. It is much easier to qualify for a rent-to-own vehicle. In order to do so, you only need to satisfy three simple criteria. Those who fit into all three of the categories below can quickly get behind the wheel of a rent-to-own car.

People with low credit ratings

The biggest benefit of buying a rent-to-own car is that credit rating is not a factor. There are no credit checks at all, so if you are worried about your credit score, don’t be. You can get your rent-to-own car regardless of your credit history.

People that have proof of income

One thing you will require, however, is proof of income. You need to show that you can pay the monthly fee for the agreed lease period – right up until the car becomes yours. When you come to Earn-a-Car, be sure to bring your most recent payslips with you. Alternatively, if you are self-employed, have six months’ bank statements ready, so we can see that you receive a regular income.

People with a valid driver’s licence

Finally, you will obviously need to hold a valid driver’s licence in order to secure a rent-to-own deal. 

That’s all there is to it. Bring your licence and your proof of income – and forget about your credit history! You could be driving your dream rent-to-own car today.

Earn-a-Car offers pre-owned vehicles in top condition, with manageable monthly payments on a rent-to-own basis. With our rent-to-buy car finance option, you have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car you will eventually own! Contact us today and if you qualify for a rent-to-own vehicle and let us help you get the pre-owned car of your dreams.