There are a number of repercussions when you become blacklisted, like not being able to get a car loan, not being able to get new lines of credit and constantly weighing your options when you need financing for various things.

Even if you were blacklisted years ago, you probably feel like some purchases aren’t always a good idea. It’s common for people who were blacklisted in the past to still, after many years of successfully managing their finances, lack confidence in their ability to make sound financial decisions.

A car is often an emotional purchase for many people. As someone who pays a lot of attention to things such as interest rates and monthly instalments, it’s wise that you are already researching different options for vehicle financing. You understand that a car needs to add value to your life and not simply be an endless pit of monthly and random expenses.

It is for this reason that Earn-A-Car offers a wide range of top quality second hand cars. When you partner with us, you can easily get your dream car at an affordable price.

If you have proof of income, can make a minimum down payment of R16, 500 and meet our simple requirements, you can own the car of your choice in as little as 54 months. With Earn-a-car, your monthly payment includes a number of value added services. From accident cover to a warrantee plan and breakdown support, you have complete peace of mind when hitting the road.

For more information about how you can ensure that your car earns its own way, contact us today.