Inspecting your car’s tyres can help prevent a serious car accident caused by a blow out from thin tyre tread. As with any vehicle, including rent-to-own cars, your tyres should be inspected at least once a month to ensure your car’s tyres are in road-worthy condition.

Damage to your tyres or over-worn tyres can usually be felt when you are driving on the road. If the drive feels more bumpy or rough, or if your car vibrates gently whilst on the road, you need to inspect the tyres that same day and have it taken in to a tyre specialist.

Key indicators to change your rent-to-own car tyres 

Routine tyre maintenance includes checking the tyre pressure weekly and rotating the front and back tyres every few months. Your vehicle is either a front or rear-wheel drive and by rotating the tyres, this will help to prevent a greater amount of wear and tear on the rear or front tyres, extending the life-span.

Below are a few key indicators that will be visible on the surface of the tyres, indicating that it may be time to replace some or all of your car tyres. 

Check your tyre tread

The majority of tyres will have a tread wear mark which indicates the maximum wear a tyre can sustain (1.6mm) before it needs replacement. 

Check tread wear patterns 

The tyres should be checked for any irregularities in the tread wear pattern on the surface of the tyre. 

Other factors that will necessitate the need to change your tyres are: a flat tyre caused by a tear on the side of the tyre, severe lacerations possibly caused by driving over a pothole, glass, stones or other sharp objects in the road. 

Prolonged exposure to natural elements can also cause damage to your tyres over time. 

Maintaining your rent-to-buy car 

One of the most important aspects of owning a car is making sure that your tyres are in good condition. This is important for your safety as well as the safety of others. 

Each one of our rent-to-buy cars are quality checked by professionals to ensure that they are in excellent condition before being handed over to a new owner.  

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