Are you among the 25% of South Africans that are blacklisted? If you are, you know all to well what a barrier a bad credit record can be. Being blacklisted makes it impossible to buy anything on credit and many people that are blacklisted give up the hope of ever owning a car.

Many South Africans are forced to live on credit in between their monthly paychecks. Budgeting for your family’s needs can be incredibly tough in the current financial climate, making it hard for you to cover your monthly expenses.

Even if your salary covers your monthly expenses, you may find that you run low on cash in the middle of the month, making it hard to buy necessities like food and petrol. In times like these, it is an advantage to be able to swipe a credit card and cover these expenses until your salary comes through.

However, if you are blacklisted, this is not an option, and you may be forced into lending money on incredibly unfavourable terms.

If you are blacklisted, you may have given up on owning a car. Perhaps you are making do with public transport, which adds hours to your day. You could be relying on expensive taxi-cab services to get from one place to another. Transport is costly for blacklisted people, either because of the expense of private taxi-cabs or the time wasted when you are forced to rely on public transport.

Earn-a-Car can help you clear your blacklisted record

If this is your situation, there is a solution!

Earn-a-Car specialises in helping blacklisted people and people with a poor financial records to buy cars. Provided you meet some basic requirements, we can have you driving your own car in less than 24 hours. In addition to helping you buy a car, we can also help you improve your credit record and clear your name.

To find out more about how Earn-a-Car can help you get a car of your own, even if you are blacklisted, contact us today!