Choosing a car that suits your needs can be challenging, from a sedan for extra boot space, a small city car light on fuel or a minivan for extra seats and leg room.  Each person’s needs are different.

Some may find a van or truck completely impractical, while others who own a small business may need a 2×4.  There are a number of reasons why each person may opt for a certain vehicle, as long as it is the right decision that suits your needs because choosing a vehicle that looks great but does not serve your everyday needs, can be costly.  Any choice will generally be made in the context of three criteria:

  1. Utility,
  2. Comfort, and
  3. Performance

We are aware that there are extreme mini vans with 600-horse power, but for the purpose of this blog post, we will be referring to generic models. This generalisation is done with the intent of keeping things simple for beginners. Here is an overview to help you choose the right type of vehicle:

  • Minivans:

These cars are generally designed as a low-cost family vehicle. Vans do not rank very high in power performance and are mostly front-wheel drive.  With a large amount of storage space, minivans are a great utility vehicle and usually seats between 7 and 9 people quite comfortably.

  • Trucks:

Most trucks are front wheel drive or all-wheel drive, allowing it to make better use of the performance power. Excellent for some rough terrain, trucks are able to drive through higher water levels than a small city car and can easily transport bulky sport or gym equipment.

  • SUVs:

Most small utility vehicles are all-wheel drive, which allow them to drive in all weather.  Similar to a truck with a higher suspension, SUV’s also ride high and feature suspension cables for medium off-road situations. These vehicles do not quite have the length of a van or the high powered towing capacity of a truck, but it is a good in-between choice.

  • Hatchbacks:

These cars are highly respected for their performance and are a good option if you live in the city but do take the occasional weekend or holiday road trip. Some hatchbacks feature four-cylinder turbo charge engines ideal for travelling on the highway at 120km/h.

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