There are so many questions that pop up when buying a used car and over the years Earn-a-Car has not only supplied vehicle financing, but we have also been able to help people with advice on their pre-owned car purchase needs. We have seen that when it comes to pre-owned cars, the “best deal” doesn’t always necessarily mean the cheapest one! The goal should be to find a well-maintained car that is still in a good condition for a reasonable price.

Here is a list of a few do’s and don’ts that you need to follow when you buy a pre-owned car:

  • Do make sure that you know what you can afford financially before you start shopping for a car.
  • Don’t just look for the lowest price! There is probably something wrong with the car if it is priced too low.
  • Do make sure that the car is well maintained and in a good condition for a reasonable price. Ask for the service booklet that comes with the car and shows when it’s been serviced and that will show previous issues with the car.
  • Don’t buy badly rusted cars or cars that have been restored after an accident.
  • Don’t buy cars that show signs of engine and transmission problems.
  • Do test drive the car for as long as it takes you to make sure that you feel comfortable with buying the car.
  • Don’t buy gas guzzlers, because the days of cheap fuel are in the past.
  • Don’t buy a car unless you have it properly inspected by a mechanic or a used car inspector.
  • Do make sure that you check all the paperwork carefully.
  • Do ask for a calculated quote on the total price including taxes and interest.
  • Don’t forget that a car needs to be properly maintained in order to last well.

When you want to invest in a pre-owned car, make sure that you are smart in your choices. To avoid purchasing the proverbial “sore thumb”, contact us and we will support you with the advice, as well as the vehicle funding that you need!