A small city car will be perfect for driving around town and for doing parallel parking, but perhaps it’s not so ideal for doing longer journeys together with the whole family? There are several things you’ll have to consider when deciding on which car to buy. Storage space, practicality, power and performance – are just a few of the things to consider. The biggest question is what are your needs when it comes to your new car? What are you going to use it for primarily? This will make it a lot easier to make smart decisions on things such as running costs, or if you should consider investing in a bigger car, with a bigger engine – more ideal for carrying more people and a lot of luggage. Earn-a-Car has many different cars to choose from in our store, designed to fit different needs. Earn-a-Car gives you the chance to get the type of car that’s needed the most, because we have an instant approval – 1 hour drive deal, which will let you drive away in record time.

Getting financing isn’t a problem if you’ve been blacklisted

We at Earn-a-Car offer instant credit approval, as long as you have proof of income and can make a minimum down payment of R 16,500 to meet our simple requirements. Our contracts will let you earn your own car in as little as 4 to 6 years. Just select the car of your choice and for every monthly payment you make, you´ll earn R 300 cash back. This money can be used to buy the car at the end of your contract, or you can choose to spend the cash any way you want. Earn-a-Car rewards upfront payments, along with the monthly R 300 cash back and this will let you take ownership of the car in as little time as three and half years. Come and see us today, so that we can put together a term and pricing contract which will suit you.