Looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle that suits your family’s needs within a tight budget can be a daunting task. Once you have decided on a realistic buying budget, unforeseen expenses seem to trickle their way into the picture, almost always catching buyers off-guard. Which begs the question: why not get a dependable pre-owned vehicle from a rent-to-own dealer, minimising the frustration that comes with purchasing a vehicle?

Why not go for the manufacturer-certified used cars

Rent-to-own vehicles do come with their own set of concerns. You might be asking: but wait – what about the security of warranty? Pre-owned cars are not covered by warranty, leaving potential customers feeling at risk. However, we ensure that we provide manufacturer-certified pre-owned (CPO) cars, giving you the luxury of a manufacturer-backed warranty along with the comfort of a used car budget. These cars are usually not-too-old low-mileage vehicles, backed with service records. Dealers retrieve them at the end of leases, after staff have driven them or once they have completed their ‘job’ as dealership service loaner vehicles.

Understand this about the certification

As a potential buyer, it is important to understand the advantages of these CPO cars. They are backed by manufacturer warranties and sometimes, are equipped with attractive trimmings like roadside assistance, complimentary loaners cars (if required) and trip interruption coverage.

How are they different from on-certified used cars? At the outset, they are thoroughly inspected and refurbished according to manufacturer-guidelines as soon as they arrive at Earn-a-Car. With perks such as these, CPO cars are usually more expensive than their counterpart non-certified partners. However, in the long run, these cars make you save more, especially during the warranty period.

Warranty Cover

Earn-a-Car also offers comprehensive warranty cover, maximum claims of which are limited to two options based on the how old the car is:

  • Benefit A: Cars not older than 4 years/13,000 kms at the time of the claim
  • Benefit B: Cars older than 4 years/13,000 kms at the time of the claim

Contact Earn-a-Car today to take advantage of the easiest way to own a pre-owned car with competitive vehicle financing. We are the first rent-to-own car company in South Africa. No hidden terms and conditions – just excellent customer service, tailor-made for you.