If you’re blacklisted, you’re probably thinking that your car options are pretty limited – after all, the banks won’t lend to you, so there’s a limit on what you can afford, right? Wrong! You just need to be looking in the right place.

Earn-A-Car specialises in giving anyone who is blacklisted the opportunity to earn their car and become the owner of any of a wide range of vehicles. The cars are second-hand, but there are plenty to choose from that have low mileage and they’re all in perfect condition. You also won’t be limited to certain types or makes of cars, as they stock everything from top German models (like Mercedes Benz and BMW) to hot hatchbacks and family sedans – no matter what your preference, you’ll find it at Earn-A-Car!

So, how do you qualify for these great offers? Here are their simple criteria:

  • You need a valid driver’s license
  • A minimum up-front payment of approximately R15, 000+
  • You need to afford a minimum monthly payment of approximately R2, 500+ /month (first payment due advance)
  • Proof of your South African ID document is required
  • Bring your original bank statements covering at least 3 months
  • You need a recent pay slip or proof of income
  • Bring proof of residency in South Africa
  • You must have no criminal record
  • You need to be over 25 years if you are male

As you can see, they aren’t interested in checking your credit record in any way, so being blacklisted won’t harm your application. Once you pass these requirements, they can guarantee that you’ll be out on the road in 24 hours or less!

For more information on getting a car if you’re blacklisted, please visit our website or contact Earn-A-Car today.