Need a car but struggling with access to vehicle finance? Why not consider a rent-to-own car finance option? It will set you free to move where and when you want, at the time you want. But what does a rent-to-own car finance option involve, and how can it help you?

What is rent-to-own car financing? 

Rent-to-own car financing simply means that you rent a car for an agreed contractual period. Once that period is completed, and all payments have been made in full, you become the proud owner of the vehicle. At Earn-a-Car this means that you can own a car in as little as 54 months. All you need to access this finance option is:

  • Proof of income
  • The ability to make a minimum upfront payment
  • The ability to make a monthly payment
  • Meet the simple requirements set by Earn-a-Car.

How can a rent-to-own car finance option help you? 

Car finance with a poor credit record or blacklisting, is absolutely possible at Earn-a-Car. This is because your credit history will not affect your application or ability to access a rent-to-buy car. Contracts are flexible, will not lock you in, and you can even earn cash by providing a lead that results in a sale. Your rent-to-own car payment amount includes, amongst many other value-adds:

  • Insurance cover
  • A Matrix vehicle tracking, immobilisation and emergency response system
  • A comprehensive Earn-a-Car warranty for the full term of your rental
  • A comprehensive accident management support service.

Earn-a-Car provides car finance even if you are blacklisted or have a low credit score rating. Visit our website for more information on the simple requirements for instant approval and become the proud owner of a rent-to-own car.