In today’s life it isn’t easy to prevent being blacklisted. Things may go really well and suddenly your life could crash and burn leaving you with debt you cannot pay and resulting in your wonderful name being tarnished. Being blacklisted is, for some people, their worst nightmare come true.

What does being blacklisted really mean?

Hearing those dreaded words “sorry you are blacklisted” is the worst thing you could hear when you are trying to buy something on credit. Being blacklisted means you have a bad credit record and this could cause problems if you apply for vehicle financing for a new or second hand car. When you are blacklisted it usually means you will be excluded from getting credit for purchases or from applying for vehicle financing.

Can you change your blacklisting status?

Clearing your name from the credit bureau isn’t going to be easy. Even if you pay your debt you may still be registered as a slow payer, which may prevent you from applying for credit. Usually applying with a company that helps you resolve your debt could potentially help change the status of your name on the credit bureau. Changing or improving your name with the credit bureau will also improve your chances of applying for vehicle finance for a used car or a new car.

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