It’s daunting, isn’t it? New and used cars come at a price tag and you simply have to know what you’re buying into from the get-go. The market for pre-owned cars is bigger than most people realise. With so many choices it’s difficult to know where to start. A clear mind and a set plan of action can easily simplify the process.

Things to consider when purchasing a used car

  • Know where to look: The best place to start is to set yourself some boundaries. Work out your budget for repayments according to your financial capacity (considering income and other debt). The internet can then be your best friend in terms of finding out the most up-to-date availability, production year and price. The latest automotive magazines are just as good in your quest to hone your search.
  • Vehicle financing: Whether it be through instalment sale, lease, residual lease or an access bond, considering which finance option is best for you is critical. Consider the benefits and potential risks according to your current financial status and be sure to opt for the one least likely to offer you a swift ride into bankruptcy.
  • Create a checklist: The fact is, buying a pre-owned car is daunting. The devil is often in the detail and you need to be sure of what you’re buying. Do your homework on the vehicles that appeal to you and make a list of questions to ask and details to be clear on when you look at the vehicle.
  • Inspect the vehicle: Check the history report of the car and look out for any accidents or repairs that have been done. If the used car does not have a report, don’t buy it. What you see is what you get, so ensure to get acquainted with every inch of the vehicle. Don’t be shy to ask questions too. The more you know, the better to determine its worth, as well as to limit the amount of trouble you could be obliviously heading into.

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