When looking for a used car you will find the market has many to offer. The options are simply unlimited and if you are assisted by someone in the know, you can expect to go home with a vehicle that will be reliable and affordable.

When considering your various options it is always advisable to look for a newer model of vehicle over older ones. While an older vehicle will be cheaper, you stand to lose out in terms of service plans, mileage, insurance costs and reliability, not to mention that vehicle financing concerns often deny applications for finance on old cars. At Earn-a-Car we will present you with a variety of options to consider and assist you with finding the right vehicle.

Tips on inspecting a used car

  • Test drives are important as you can get a feel for the vehicle and how you will manage driving it. While test driving, check all of the electrical settings and features of the vehicle too. Keep an eye out for any smoke while driving and also listen for any rattles or noises that aren’t quite right.
  • Enquire about the service and accident history of the vehicle and verify the paperwork.
  • Check to see the vehicle is between 3 and 5 years old. Any older than that and you could be looking for trouble.
  • Ask for the VIN and chassis numbers for your reference. The AA can assist with doing background checks on used vehicles if you have these numbers available.

These are just a few tips on inspecting a used car before you purchase it. For more helpful advice, tips and assistance in finding the right used car for you, contact us at Earn-a-Car today.