Getting your dream vehicle is one thing, after sales support from your motor finance company is another. It is worth your while to enquire about after sales support by the motor finance company before making any commitment to purchase or rent the vehicle.

Many people are overwhelmed by the excitement of getting a new car that they tend to forget about the maintenance and contingency plans should anything happen to the vehicle thereafter. Thankfully, there is a motor finance company which caters for the needs of those looking for a comprehensive deal and who care about your needs and the care of the vehicle after you have selected it and hit the road.

At Earn-a-car in Gauteng we are proud to meet the needs of our clients by offering:

  • Breakdown assistance – Giving you peace of mind that you will be towed by a reputable towing company and not have to concern yourself with paying exorbitant towing fees.
  • Service subsidy – Driving a car costs money. There needs to be a budget for fuel, as well as for the times the car will require a service. At Earn-a-car, you will receive a service subsidy which will alleviate the financial burden. A minimum of R250 will be allocated for your car for each time it is due for a service.
  • Accident cover – No need to stress about insurance. At Earn-a-car we offer full comprehensive cover for the allocated rental period of your vehicle.

Vehicle warranty – This will let you drive with confidence, knowing that in the unlikely event the car has an issue, it is covered by our warranty plan.

To find out more about motor finance after sales support, contact Earn-a-car today.