Transport costs are very expensive in South Africa and these costs are increased every six months. What can you do to minimise the high expense? Instead of taking on a new line of credit, why not opt for a rent-to-buy vehicle finance solution? At Earn-a-Car, we make it quick and easy for South Africans to get a car that they need. Here are some of the reasons why people are choosing this type of vehicle finance:


  • Even if you cannot buy a car today, you can take small monthly steps to owning the car in the future


Many people are unable to buy a car because they have a poor credit history, are blacklisted, under review, or simply do not want to make a big financial commitment right now or in the near future. A rent-to-buy car takes the pressure off you. With a rent-to-own a car finance plan, you rent the car for the duration of the rental contract and thereafter, you have the option to own the car, enter a new lease agreement or opt-out.


  • Peace of Mind


You don’t need to compromise on your safety or the vehicle maintenance needs. Earn-a-Car has partnered with accredited service providers to ensure that you receive accident cover, tracking and warranty, 24 hour roadside assistance and service assistance.


  • No Bank Loans


These are tough economic times. To decrease expenses, especially incurring additional high interest rate costs, people are not as willing to enter into new debt. Instead of overextending yourself with a high interest rate car loan from a bank, simply rent-to-own.


  • You get so much more


With Earn-a-Car, you get the following:

  • Fixed rental payment
  • No hidden costs
  • You can terminate the rental agreement with a one-month notice period
  • Part of the monthly rental amount that you pay, is accumulated and saved for you, if your account is up to date
  • An amount of your monthly rental is kept aside to assist you to service and maintain your car
  • Comprehensive accident cover
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Comprehensive vehicle warranty option to give you peace of mind
  • Vehicle breakdown and roadside assistance

Contact us for more information about Earn-a-Car’s rent-to-buy today.