Getting a new car is all about realising your dreams and giving you the freedom of movement that you need to survive in this day and age. But what you maybe haven’t realised is that it can help get you a new job too. Allow Earn-A-Car to give you the interview tips to help you secure that new job!


  • Conduct research: Research the company, the job and the employees that will be interviewing you. The more research you conduct, the more intellectually prepared you’ll be for the interview itself. Impress them with your knowledge of the job you’re applying for. This includes reviewing common interview questions and preparing answers. If independence and flexibility is key to the job, point out that you have your own transport, making it easy for you to visit clients and job sites, and contribute towards the company.


  • Develop a professional image: Lay out what you’ll wear well in advance, to look as professional as possible for the position you’re applying for. Arriving in your own car will help support your image of a strong, organised and valuable candidate for the job.


  • Body language is key: To make a good first impression and build the interviewer’s confidence in you as a person, offer warm greetings, focus on your body language throughout the interview and answer all questions honestly, candidly and concisely. Also, remember to ask some insightful questions of your own.


  • Arrive on-time: Make sure to arrive for the interview at least fifteen minutes early. It shows eagerness, initiative and professionalism, as well as allowing you to be relaxed and not in a rush when the interview commences. Your new car will be highly beneficial here as it saves you travel time and allows you to determine how and when you arrive at the interview.


Easy motor vehicle financing helps you get your dream job – Even if you have bad credit

Clearly, having your own vehicle is a large contributor towards a successful job interview. Particularly if you’re stuck with bad credit, you will need all the help you can get to come right again. South African motor vehicle finance from Earn-A-Car will be the easiest and fastest way to getting you back into the driver’s seat of both your own life and your professional career. We’re experienced in helping people with affordable vehicle finance and even buying a car while blacklisted! If you’re interested or have more questions about our bad credit car loans and easy vehicle finance, feel free to contact us today or apply for instant approval online.