It’s an unfortunate reality that with the state of public transport in South Africa most people need to have their own transport. Of course, with high interest rates and often high levels of debt too, most of us struggle to get car finance with bad credit. So, what can you do?

Fortunately, Earn-a-Car offers easy vehicle finance to help get you back on the road by making buying a car while blacklisted as easy as 1 – 2- 3! So, how do we do it?

Vehicle Finance for You

Unlike most vehicle finance in South Africa, Earn-a-Car gives you cash back for every monthly payment you make, which means that owning the car of your choice suddenly becomes a whole lot more affordable. Of course, there are certain conditions to be met, such as having proof of income. We will go through all the Terms and Conditions with you. Our instant approval process and great deals on cars could have you in the driving seat in under an hour!

So, how does it work? Simply complete our online approval form for instant approval, choose the car you want from our deals and you can collect your car in less than 1 hour.

Added Extras

But that’s not all! Because we understand that you’re under financial pressure, we’ve thrown in a whole lot of value added services so you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses, such as a comprehensive warranty plan to help minimise repair costs, plus R250 a month towards servicing your car and vehicle breakdown assistance!

To find out how we can help you get back on the road, contact us today!