Value of the Earn-a-car Programme

Our deal is sealed with an agreement that comprehensively explains what you can expect from us and what we expect of you.

Earn-a-car is competitively priced. The price is inclusive of at least R1,300 of extra’s that give you peace of mind (accident cover, comprehensive warranty, tracking system, accident support and cashback).

We don’t lock you in.  Our contract is flexible.  We normally allow you to end it with one calendar months’ written notice and the return of the vehicle.

Value for your money – what do you get?

Included in your payment amount is:

  • Earn cash with our Earn-a-car programme. This way you can take ownership of the car of your choice as quickly as you like or spend the ‘cash-back’ reward as you wish;
  • If we don’t match our promise of getting you moving in 24 hours once you have completed our requirements and signed the agreement with Earn-a-car, we will give you a car, all expenses paid for a month!;
  • We indemnify you against damage to the vehicle for all genuine accidents.
    This is worth a minimum of R500 (as a norm insurance cover is about R800 per month),

    • being between 12.5% and 15% of a small vehicle value and
    • between 10% and 12.5% of a large vehicle value;
  • All cars come with a full Matrix vehicle tracking, immobilization and emergency response system worth R250 per month
  • We warranty all our vehicles in terms of our comprehensive Earn-a-car warranty for the FULL term of your rental with ourselves. This is worth a minimum of R200 per month;
  • Vehicle towing subsidy of up to R500 per tow, if you use our approved operators, as part of our accident management service;
  • You take ownership of the car of your choice over approximately 4 years – bad credit notwithstanding!
  • Loan car in event of an accident if you take our optional loan car cover;
  • Our cars include a comprehensive accident management support service available to clients who call in and use the Emergency number – 079 1727 7818. This includes:
    • Notification of accidents;
    • Sending ambulances and emergency vehicles;
    • All medical transportation costs or inter-hospital transfer is covered by our SOS partner;
    • Arranging and handling of towing companies, including payment of the first R500 of the towing charge if our approved towing company is used.  They are typically the cheapest towing company and are reputable operators;
    • Calling next to kin;
    • SOS Medical and Roadside assistance.

Break Down Assistance provided for free on 079 128 7818

Our SOS partner will provide the member with the following services as a result of a RoadSide Emergency within the territory:

Flat Tyre  Free Call out + 1 hour labour
 Flat Battery  Free Call out + 1 hour labour
 Keys locked in the vehicle  Free Call out + 1 hour labour
 Run out of fuel  Free Call out (fuel for members account)
 Towing Costs  First R500 of towing costs


Our SOS partner will provide the member with the following services outside a radius of 100km from home:

 Hotel Accommodation  First R500 of costs
 Safe Storage  First R500 of costs
 Repatriation of vehicle  First R1,000 of costs
 Maximum benefits payable per vehicle per annum  First R5,000 of costs

Simply call the emergency number on your licence disc – 079 128 7818