Even with a bad credit record, you can still get the best vehicle finance in South Africa and get behind the wheel of that car you have always dreamt of!

Buying a car while blacklisted may seem like an impossible task, but it is quite easy and with the right car finance company, you can still get the best deal.

What is car finance?

Financing a car allows you to pay a small amount of money upfront when purchasing a car. You then pay a monthly instalment on the car which includes service fees from the company at which you do the financing and a set interest rate.

There are two methods of financing:

  • Direct lending – You lend a sum of money at a bank and agree to pay a certain amount back per month as well as the charges regarding that agreement. Direct lending lets you shop around at different car dealerships before you make a purchase. You also know the rate at what you are buying.
  • Dealership financing – You and a car dealership agree on an amount that needs to be payed per month over a period of time as well as a monthly charge by the company. With this type of financing, you can conveniently view different cars at one location, you have more than one finance option and you can even get different financing packages.

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