Uber drivers may soon find it financially advantageous to rent a car instead of leasing or buying one. Here is why uber drivers and rent-to-earn cars are a great match.

No long-term commitment

A car does not have to be a long-term commitment. Buying a new car is expensive and you may not want to stay in the job for the long term. You can test the waters and see if Uber is right for you with car rentals. Should you decide to change your job, you can always take the car back or trade it for a new car. 

For example, when you get a rental car with Earn-A-Car, you receive a fixed monthly short time or long-term plan. You can cancel your plan within a month’s notice should you decide you no longer want to be an Uber driver. You can also trade up (or down) if your earnings change.

Roadside assistance

Depending on the vehicle rental company you choose, your rental options may include roadside and emergency assistance. Earn-A-Car provides roadside assistance and emergency assistance as part of your monthly lease payment, so you can have peace of mind in the case of an emergency or breakdown.

Less hassle

A rental car is less stressful than buying a new car. You don’t have to put down a large down payment or go through the process of applying for finance or insurance quotes. Your account will be debited every month or you’ll pay a weekly fee, so you don’t have to stress over large car payments and you can budget accordingly.

Earn-A-Car has an easy monthly debit plan and an affordable administration fee that you can choose from. There is no surprise cost or fees that will come your way – making your job a lot less stressful. 

It pays for itself

You save a lot of money by renting a car, rather than a new car purchase. Rental fees from Earn-A-Car are not only affordable but we also provide service support savings towards servicing your vehicle, further saving you money. As long as you service the vehicle every 10,000 km, Earn-A-Car will keep your Uber vehicle insured with our warranty cover. 

It’s a great option for people with no credit (or bad credit)

It’s hard to get finance for an uber car if you have a bad credit score or you are blacklisted. Even a rental company might need to see your credit report, but thankfully Earn-A-Car is not one of them. When you choose our car leasing options, we won’t need a credit report or blacklisting check. We just need to know if you are a licensed driver that you can afford to make your payments. Earn-A-Car makes it easier for everyone to take an Uber car.

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