Have you considered a rent-to-own car plan? Far too many people incorrectly believe that when a person is blacklisted or doesn’t qualify for traditional vehicle financing from financial institutions, that there is no way they will be able to own a car. With rent-to-own plans from a reputable car company, you have a great alternative to traditional car finance options, where you can earn your car as you use it – and build up a great credit record while you do!

Banks have very strict criteria for vehicle financing, and for many people they are just not an option. With a rent-to-buy solution, you can pay off your car as you drive around town, pick up the kids from school and pop into the shops. In three and a half to six years, your car will be your very own – and you will have done it all without the costly help of a bank.

With this popular option, you don’t have to have a good credit history – in fact, a reputable car company like Earn-a-Car doesn’t even require a credit check on their clients! With a rent-to-own plan, you are simply renting the car of your choice while accumulating enough funds through your monthly instalments towards its ownership. When you choose this option, you’re not only mobile, you get a comprehensive warranty covering your contract term, vehicle tracking, indemnity against accidents, a monthly towing subsidy and cash-back loyalty rewards for a good payment record.

If you have no criminal record, you just need your I.D. book, driver’s license, proof of income and your minimum deposit of R15,000 (or 20% of the value of the car you want)– and you should be driving away in the car of your dreams in 24 hours!

With Earn-a-Car you can get the rent-to-own plan that suits your lifestyle and will give you the freedom you need to achieve your dreams – all without the need for costly, restrictive traditional vehicle finance. Contact Earn-a-Car today for more information on rent-to-own solutions in South Africa!