Do you want to own your own car? Are credit checks creating a challenge? Finding ways to finance a car, can be more difficult than not only deciding on the car make and model that meets your needs, but also finding it. At Earn-a-Car, we will help you find and finance a pre-loved car that is in good condition. 

If you’re looking to purchase your own car soon, then you are most likely considering a number of finance options too. 

Ways to finance a pre-loved car 

The three most common ways to finance a pre-owned car includes the following:

1. Personal Loan

Personal loans are higher in interest, but are a good option when wanting to buy a car older than 10 years. 

2. Vehicle Finance 

Getting vehicle finance from a bank is a good option, especially if you want to buy a car that is new, a demo model or less than five years old.  This option generally does have a lower interest rate, depending on your risk profile. 

3. Mortgage 

Did you know you could finance your car or finance the deposit of your car, by drawing funds from your access-bond. For more information, speak to your Bank Manager to understand your risks and obligations. 

There are pros and cons to each vehicle finance option. What matters is finding the finance solution that works best for you, over a long period of time. 

At Earn-a-Car, we are passionate about connecting you with a good quality pre-loved car, on a rent-to-own finance plan. Because we offer instant approval and don’t run credit checks, those that meet our business requirements, drive away in their pre-loved car within two hours. With us, you get to own your car in as little as 4 years or less, depending on your personal finance situation. We provide affordable rates that are interest free. Contact us today!