Having a car to get you where you need to be makes life so much easier. When it keeps breaking down however, it is time to get a new car; the affordable way.

The hunt for a new car can be expensive, especially when you are blacklisted. You can however, get the most affordable vehicle finance with just a little effort.

How to get the right car the affordable way

  • Keep a good driving record – Vehicle finance companies in South Africa will give you even cheaper finance quote if they can see that you are a responsible driver.
  • The newer, the more money – If you are looking for the cheapest car finance, choosing the latest model car will give you a more expensive premium to pay per month.
  • Discounts – A lot of vehicle finance companies have great specials and discounts for good drivers, students with good grades and retired people.
  • Know what you are covered for – Some finance companies offer additional cover in case of accidents. If you are already covered, this additional cover will not be needed and if taken off your contract, will lead to a lower premium.
  • Keep your credit low – Finance companies do not want to help people with a bad credit score because of the high risk. If helped, your premium will be higher as you are a greater risk.
  • Shopping for quotes – Getting quotes from different finance companies will give you a better idea for what you are going to pay. Make sure you make a purchase with a reputable company.

Vehicle finance at Earn-A-Car

Earn-A-Car has staff that has exceptional skills to help you get the best finance deals. You need not worry; at Earn-A-Car you can get vehicle finance even if you are blacklisted. Never do you have to worry about your car breaking down in the middle of the highway again. We will help you get the car of your dreams, the easy way!

Contact us today for more information on our vehicle finance deals.