If you find yourself staying at home to avoid using your car because of the amount of money you use to pay for petrol, here are a few valuable tips that will help to decrease petrol consumption: 

Follow These Steps to Reduce Your Car’s Petrol Costs

  • Service your car regularly. Worn spark plugs, low coolant levels, dirty oil, petrol or air filters decrease the car’s engine efficiency in the long run. 
  • Reduce your car’s weight by removing all unnecessary items from it.
  • Accelerate gradually and as smoothly as possible. Do not speed! The faster you go, the more petrol your car will use, especially if you go above 3 000 rpm.
  • Check the wheel alignment. Bad wheel alignment causes friction and results in higher petrol consumption. Check for under-inflated tyres as these can also increase resistance.
  • Close the car’s windows when driving and avoid using the air conditioner as open windows and air conditioning can cause drag.
  • Avoid stop-starting. This also increases friction on your brakes.
  • Wait out the traffic as traffic if you can, as this not only increases fuel consumption, but also wear-and-tear on your car’s transmission and brakes.
  • Make fewer trips. Try to avoid many short journeys and combine all your errands into one trip to give your engine the chance to heat up.

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